Why University is Different from High School

… what a smart title, I know. Because otherwise it would have been called high school, my dear – I imagine you thinking. However, for how obvious it seems, I have to say high school is really completely different from university. For instance, I used to have 30 hours per week of high school and I HAD to go to school everyday six days per week, it was obligatory. I have 14 hours of university, 3 courses divided in three days and I have no obligation to go (but dad, I go, trust me).

Anyway, here’s the main differences:

– You work way harder. I mean, I have always been the kind of students who studies everything the night before (sorry high school teachers if you are reading this, but I’ve been an amazing liar for 5 years) and gets great marks, but at uni it’s impossible. You have to study everyday, since the very first week. And study till night.
– You have a completely different relationship with the professors. I mean, they joke in the class, they don’t call you by name nor by surname, but Miss/Mister, you are treated with respect as if you were already an adult.
– It’s okay for them to speak about aperitivo in the aula – particularly the sociology professor who spent half an hour talking about the importance of aperitivo.
– You can stay in you department as much as you want, it’s like a second home. It’s a comfy place with fast wifi, table and everything you can ask for (I’m writing this post from the fourth floor of the department of Literature and Philosophy).
– You can use the computer to take notes and no one minds if you do/don’t.
– You feel adult. You are doing this because you want it (if I fail, I’ll give you the address of my future chiringuito).
– Have you ever heard anything about the university Tuesday/Wednesday/whichever day of the week? It’s the best tradition ever, you finish class and there is a special party, or it’s just a normal day ended up in a pub.
– You have your usual coffee at your usual place. They know you by name and they keep apart your favorite juice because it’s somehow the most wanted (strawberry and apple) – see the pic.

Uni is pretty tough, but pretty good… don’t you think? Come and try it for yourself, because the lessons are open to anyone (or better said, no one checks) and I’ll promise to take you to Magna Laude if you come to visit.

Have A Safe Journey!


Ps. Classes, or aula as they call them, are way bigger, especially when empty (right, Bea?)



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