From Runner 2 Biker

I’ve always run. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always, since I was little. Maybe because I was late, maybe because I was sad, maybe because I was excited. But I’ve always felt the desire to run, every now and then. Not since I moved to Trento.

First, I thought it was because of the place. You know, isolated, out of everything… I was going to get lost within seconds. Then, I went back home and didn’t run even there. And yesterday night, at our neighbors house, no one believed me when I proudly said: yes, I’m a runner. And I figured out, I couldn’t blame them because no one has ever seen me running. What for a surprise.

For the first time in my life, I don’t feel the need of running. It could be due to the fact I collapsed in bed at 10pm yesterday night after 6 hours of lessons (actually, 5 because the sociology professor finished early). Or because I cycle to uni and back (about 10K) and then walk all over town like a crazy psychopath. I could be that I am trying to begin something new. There are countless reasons in my mind but I still think it’s unbelievable I haven’t run for more than 2 weeks. Today is actually three weeks without running.

Last year today, I was in the best shape of my running career. There was the Royal Parks Half and a lot of goals in mind, the disappointment of not running NYC and the idea of doing a trail, one day. This year, I had the Trento Half in mind, to celebrate my arrival in a new city, but then I didn’t train. I didn’t have the mind nor the intentions to train as you should. And now, what should I do?

I’m gonna keep biking in the morning and when I finish at 4 or have a long break so that I can bike home and get the car (I don’t like being around on a bike when it’s dark). Then, Beatrice and I are probably going to start power yoga (btw, Bea’s gonna write a post for the blog soon) and I really wanna try crossfit (this is happening when I get a car, otherwise I’d have to cycle for 20k and then train – out of my mind). I have to figure out how to get back to running… I bought a copy of this month’s RW trying to find a race I like and have a goal so, but for now anything. The good thing is I’m not the only biker around.


Is there any Trento guy who knows a GREAT race around?

Have A Safe Journey!


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