Survival Guide for Trento: Food

Since I am out all day every day, I had to figure out how to survive in this crazy not so little town. First of all, let me tell you do never exaggerate on using your internet for Facebook and stuff like that, because you are going to need it, before or later, for the GPS. For instance, last week (when I was still naive and didn’t know where the university was) I used it all the time. And I ended up with no internet on Thursday.

Then, the city is pretty expensive if we compare it to the average town in Italy. However, if you look in the right spots, you might find great places which are not that expensive. My favorite lunch place is Magna Laude (Via Zanella 11) where you can have every kind of sandwich, pizza, salad and amazing juices. I’ll never survive a full day of lessons (Tuesday and Thursday) without the apple and strawberry juice.

Then we have Zushi, which is obviously pretty expensive (as every sushi in whichever town in the world, except for London where everything is expensive and sushi sounds always nice), but very tasty. Please remember it is closed on Monday and they do have troubles to cover every district of the town with the delivery (this is why I tried to ask them to deliver me the sushi at their furthest point if I waited for them on my bike).

For the very well known Italian contribution to worldwide traditions, the aperitivo, there are so many places that is hard to list them all. However, I used the technique of following elder students and just look around of the closest and fullest bar.

What’s more? Well, I’m not sure, I still have to explore… By the way, I also found a travel book shop (Notting Hill fangirl moment) which is my favorite place so far, however there’s no Hugh Grant, but the owner is pretty nice.

Do you know any good place in Trento?

Have A Safe Journey!



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