UniLife: Week #1

You need 15 days to get used to something. You need one month to love it. And a lifetime to forget it.

I should have posted way earlier and I am sorry for that. The thing is I was planning to launch the new website in fall and to begin a lot of new columns, but then the worst happened. Nothing during the first week in Trento went as planned. I ended up in a far away place where the internet isn’t that good, nor the area. Plus, I do not have a single room and all my friends are in the centre of the city. I thought there couldn’t be a worst way to start university but yes, there was: I went home the first weekend. After four days I went back, or better, my father came and picked me up. So embarrassing. It felt like I was failing at everything. I literally couldn’t believe what had happened, I thought I could handle living alone, having flatmates and stuff like that, and I actually could. But then I figured out I couldn’t be happy in this flat, way too outside the town centre and also in a not so safe place.

However, after having felt so weird for the past days and when on Sunday dad took me back to Trento, I kinda began feeling better. Like I was halfway closer to getting used to it. I still had that feeling of not being at home, but less than the week before. When it happened to choose between a double room in the centre of the city with a girl I don’t know and staying with my current roommate in the current house, I thought maybe remaining is the best thing. Or, if I have to move, I’m gonna go for a single room.

Anwyay, I promised my friend Paola, currently between Dubai and Abu Dhabi that I was going to do a little vlog for her to show her around and be sure that even if I cannot contact her for about 90 days she could re-live what I had gone through. But I couldn’t. I was in a very depressing thing, halfway between hey I can get used to this cycling thing and this is so depressing, how am I ever going out at night. Well, then I figured out there is TAXI TRENTO, my lifesaver for when I have to go to parties (till I get a car obviously – 22 days and counting).

This morning, I cycle to the university (because the wifi is better and I had some netflix work to catch up with) because I needed a calm place to study and, while feeling in a movie with “Jet Leg” by Simple Plan in my earphones and the river Adige by my side, cycling in the morning creamy haze of the city, I felt good. I understood I have chosen the right city, somehow. That having the privilege to cycle and to walk around instead of taking the tube cannot be underestimate. That having the privilege of studying only and not having to work because the family is supporting me is very important. And finally, that having the privilege of experience, once more, of being grateful, of feeling blessed, of learning. University is gonna be tough and I know that, I see how thick the books are (and heavy) but this is what I want. I wanna keep studying, have a better knowledge on a lot of subjects, have fun but also get to understand what are my duties. This university thing is gonna have its ups and its downs but I’m gonna handle it, someway.

This time, the have a safe journey  wish is directed in particular to all the guys starting university this year. And since I am not out of the world (like in Cavallo) I would really like you to take 1 minute of your time and give a thought, a prayer or whatever you believe in for the injured people of NYC. Take care.

Have A Safe Journey!



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