Some things change the way we think. The way we live. The way we relate. The way we are.

15 years ago, when my parents told me about the twin towers’ attack, I was probably playing with some kind of barbie or whatever. I was a 4 years old girl who believed there were no bad people and felt the luckiest and the most loved human being on the planet. I didn’t understood what that attack meant for our security and for our world. I didn’t remember anything of NYC and it seemed so far from my little town in the countryside.

However, a few minutes ago the Post Internazionale, an online magazine I read daily, asked a question: Where were you, today, 15 years ago? I don’t remember where I was and what I was doing, but I remember I was safe. And still I was naive enough to pretend nothing was happened. Not to know the meaning and the war we were about to start.

The 09.11 changed everything. I did research in the past years, for school and for personal purpose, and now I know what humanity is fighting. The new war of terror isn’t different from the 09.11 but we have the power to win. Once more. Once for all.

May all the victims of the 09.11 rest in peace and may the relatives be safe and somehow serene that those lives where lost but matter to the entire western society. Pray for world peace.


Have A Safe Journey!


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