Ile de Cavallo #1

When you read this post, I will be struggling with an oversize luggage (which happens to be overweight for sure) either on the boat or on the taxi. I will have collected my experiences and my adventures and, with my old aged moleskine (read MacBook) to write down my thoughts I will be traveling back home.

There is a lot that I would like to say about my 35 days in Cavallo, but since this post is supposed to be in 2 languages I’ll do my best to keep it short. I have a thing for borders, it’s my biggest desire to overcome each and every one of them. I know I have so many borders to reach and so many places to visit, but little by little I am fulfilling an old promise. Maybe this summer I could have travelled more (and slept more) but I am happy with my experience.

I saw the best and the worst, how the reaches families live and how the worst staff works. I had a new challenge, I learned a job and a little bit of French. I had my me time, I met some people (and my spiritual parents – long story, I’ll tell you everything in the next few days when hopefully I have a better wifi connection that allows me to post not only at three am), some of whom I hope to never see again and some that I hope to share many more adventures.

I learned that you can have the best opportunity in life, but you have to be smart enough to understand and make the most out of them. I learned that the value we give to money is completely up to us. I saw people spending €##### in one day and others complaining because they only have a fund of €##### per month. I come from an average family. I called home and told them countless times how weird it was for me to consider normal such things, but as usual… someone can.

However, I do feel lucky. Because now I know I’m gonna work so hard in life just to make the project work, starting from myself. I will leave the isle of Cavallo with the purpose of returning eventually, just to give back the favor of loving the adventure even when it goes completely different than planned. And remember not all the bad comes to hurt, because I actually made some (I hope) lifetime friends, I understood if something does good to me I have to do it, even if this means dancing on the beach at sunrise and watching every sunset from the highest rock of the isle. I am immensely grateful to everyone I met here, to the people I already knew and welcomed me like a member of the family, and to those who inspired me to do better.

To the question “will we see you next year?”, I cannot answer and I won’t. This post was supposed to be titled “The only place where I don’t look forward to going back”, but at the end of the experience I kinda changed my mind and told myself the people are worth a comeback eventually, even if we could meet somewhere with a couple more services.

I would like to thank everyone, but I guess Barbara, Romolo, Ginevra, Edoardo, Francesca, Giuseppe, Alessandro, Angelo, Martina, Nisrin, Tita, Sylvia, Kelly, Luca are the ones I owe at least a written thank. You know how to reach out for me and as I always said yesterday and today and all last week, you are always welcome to come to visit me whether  Bergamo or Trento.

Have A Safe (Voyage) Journey back home and see you all in Rome in October.

Much love and one last thanks,
Your Camilla

** Cari lettori italiani, prometto di tradurre il post non appena arrivo a casa… però sono quasi le 5, è ora di andare a vedere un’ultima alba!



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