The List: 46 things I will do after the exams


1. Sleep2. Run

3. Swim

4. Bike


6. Travel

7. Go to Trento

8. Run again because, why not?

9. Read a book (not an imposed book)

10. Write the second book of my trilogy

11. Post on the blog twice a day

12. Move out

13. Go to the life club every bloody Friday

14. Take photos

15. Go trails

16. Buy a car

17. Go to university

18. Spend summer all around Europe/the world

19. Learn how to cook

20. Learn how to cook healthy

21. Run everyday

22. Lose weight

23. Hike

24. Climb a mountain

25. Go shopping

26. Buy new running shoes

27. Get (drunk) healthier

28. Dance like no one is watching

29. See the sunrise

30. Stay up all night

31. Go to the seaside

32. Go to Lisbon

33. Travel alone

34. Stop going out with people I don’t like

35. Stop giving importance to what people say

36. Experience

37. Explore

38. Play

39. Have fun

40. Make mistakes

41. Make friends

42. Go to Alassio for no specific reason

43. Leave fears behind

44. Leave the past behind

45. Stop being prejudiced

46. Live the life I was meant to

Have A Safe Journey!




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