Have A Safe Journey: 21

The Recap of my Week of Silence

So it has been six days full of silence, except for Tuesday where there was a post already scheduled. I guess I owe you some explanation. I didn’t find any good occasion to train. I went running on Monday with Maria and then I was overwhelmed by school and I didn’t have much to tell you. So I took myself sometime, I did my priorities and then reflected a little about today’s post.

I should have written countless posts, but again I was uninspired, tired, stressed and my writing sucks when I do not feel okay (I already complain often enough, don’t I?). Silence. I listened, I didn’t talk much. I studied, I slept, I (h)ate. That was it. It has been a very long week of my life, but finally it is over and I can get back to serious work. Why? Because I have a race!

I’m gonna be at the starting line at the StraMilano 2016 on March 20th, still unsure whether I will race 5, 10 or 21K… I still have some time to decide, but I will keep you updated…

Are we racing together? Let’s hang out and make a team!

Have A Safe Journey/Run/Whatever,




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