On the Road: 5 Travel Essentials

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With winer in full swing I’ve been thinking about warmer weather to escape the cold.  Well, I’m not a light packer, therefore it wasn’t exactly as easy as expected to name only five, but here is it.

A Book

Every time I leave home, whether for a couple of hours or a couple of months, I always bring a book with me. It’s my first essential, there isn’t much I can do, I’m a book lover. Last time I went abroad (Berlin) I brought The Girl on the Train with me, one of the best books I have ever read. Sometimes I also use books as notebooks, that’s why I hate ebooks… I like to see my handwriting on the pages, some sentences underlined, if I read in a foreign language I put the translation of the words I didn’t know or a synonym, and also my own notes… Something I like, something I can use in my own book, a similar image, where I was while I was reading that book, who I was with. A book is like a travel journey, you need one whenever you travel…

A pair of running shorts and a running bra

Surprised about it, aren’t you? Well, I mentioned it last Thursday (For the love of the run), running under the hot sun in Sicily, Tuscany, Liguria, Spain is something I really love. Obviously meanwhile I always complain, but in winter, stucked in the snow I really miss that. Moreover, at the seaside is the only occasion I run in shorts and a bra, I don’t care if I don’t have a six pack, I literally cannot stand the warmth,

A pair of running shoes

Normally not the newest I have bought, because I end up every running on the beach, taking them off quickly, running the last mile barefoot and then straight into the sea. Well, not the best for my muscles, but I definitely make them stronger, don’t you agree? The best of the best is waking up at six am (read: not going to bed, coming back from La Suerte and just changing clothes) on a yacht (it was friends’, not mine) and going running around the harbour.

A very long dress

And I mean very very very long, so long that if you don’t wear heels you cannot wear it. At the seaside long dresses are super chich, super comfortable, you always look a little like Athena and a little like a Mermaid. Perfect combo, great both for a casual look (with sandals) and a super elegant evening (or date) with heels and strong makeup.

A huge hat

Is there anything more classy than a huge hat? Definitely not. They not only protect your skin (which is already an essential duty) but they also make you look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, hiding your messy hair and giving you the easily chic look, as if you were born classy. Well, it might be a nightmare to take it with you if you have to take the plane (or any mean of transport actually) but it’s worth the effort.

Now is your turn? What would you like to bring with you on a weekend escape at the seaside? Name 5 essential and let’s see whether they match with mine.

Looking for the perfect winter escape? Check this out:


Have A Safe Journey!


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