Snapshot Diary: 12/02

Alarm clock rang later than usual (7:10 instead of 6:43) it means only one thing: we are going to Trento!

So my dad was even more thrilled than me because he truly believes Trento is a great university, so he insisted to come and even to drive (thank God, because it was over 600km). Here’s my university look lol.

The first presentation was the faculty of International Studies, the one I am interested to, and he was right, the program is great and I also met the head professor of the department and he made me love the subject.

Second meeting was at the faculty of literature and philosophy, even though I just wanted to know something about the faculty of cultural heritage. I didn’t like it much, but you know, my first choice has always been international studies. As we skipped most of the meeting (I have already mentioned my philosophy-fobia, therefore why should I study philosophy?) we had lunch in Trento and a little tour of the city.

After this, the last meeting about scholarship, housing and stuff like that. Boring but useful, and another walk in the lovely city.

Then, my father decided to go to Meran, as he had to buy some stuff for the hoteland I was super happy to use my German… So we did a walk, I had a bretzeln (can life get any better? I don’t think so), bought a book (der geteilte Himmel) and then…

He bought the speck! It was funny because we entered this local shop and he bought 30kg of speck (for the hotel) and the man inside was like shocked when he said 30kg, but then very happy about  it.

It started to snow. We had to do the Amendola Pass and the Tonale Pass, but they were closed due to the snow (yes bad luck). So we had to wait in Meran until the situation became a little better, what can you do? You buy a swimsuit and you go to the spa, wondering how crazy the day has been. Do you know this is a publi spa? It is huge, literally huge.

So this was my very beautiful day in Trentino and South Tyrol… When can we do this again? Well, probably on April the 8th as I have a test to attend in Trento but we will see..

Have A Safe Journey!

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