Have A Safe Run: 19

Can we consider driving around like a crazy pilot a workout? Because otherwise I am not sure I have worked out yesterday. My lazyness is coming again, maybe due to the fact I am busy again with school. Not like busy busy, but philosophy busy.

It’s hard to explain, but I kinda love philosophy when it comes to an explanation, but I am frightened by it when I have to study it. I got a bad mark at the beginning of the year and since that moment I have always had a sense of nausea before a philosophy test. This is why I am freaking out, I got notes from 3 different people, I revised my own notes, I got everything done. Then why can’t I just relax in front of a cup of tea? Because I’m scared of philosophy.

If philosophy was a run, it would be a +30km run, right after the wall, when your legs are burning, you are desperately catching breath and you don’t know the true meaning of existence any longer. I am so scared about philosophy, literally, you cannot even understand how scared I am.

Apart from the philosophy crisis, I have to say I love long runs. And I’m getting back to hit the wall…

Have A Safe Run!



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