Friday Favourites: 11

Oh another week is over, have you noticed how constant I am with publishing at least once a day? Well, I did… Maybe it’s the start of something new (High School Musical influence is still in me).

Favourite Song (of the Week): Live and Learn


Well, somehow I always need new (and more inspiring) music for writing… That’s why I love Apple Music, any song I like in the best quality ever… Like Live and Learn… Super glad!

Favourite Weather: Snow


Now it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Even though it’s February and today was hot, it has snowed for the very first time of the year and everything looks better with a sprinkle of snow on top, don’t you agree?

Favourite Sport: Skiing with Francesca!


Well, I did a quite fair article about skiing in Colere, but that was so awesome it deserves a second mention lol.

Favourite nerdish News: Gravity Waves


I’m not expert in the subject, but I guess it deserves a little mention… Pardon my nerdish self… Well, my physics teacher will be amazingly proud tomorrow and I am so sorry that I’m gonna miss the lesson, but Trento is waiting for me ha. Have fun googling what I am talking about.

Favourite Book: Mine


It should be a secret, but I really cannot wait… My book is gonna be on Amazon very soon, stay tuned for more.

How was your week?

Have A Safe Journey!


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