Have A Safe Run: 18

There is something between magical and mystical in the moments right before a workout. Somehow you feel horribly tired, somehow you know you are going to end up stronger than ever. This is what you have in your mind, most of the times you end up more tired than before, as a nice gift for your active lifestyle.

Yesterday I got back home late from school. I drove and we found an accident, so 30 minutes of queue and then finally home. I drove the audi (please note: the audi is not mine, it’s my family’s and most of the time they don’t even let me drive it lol) up to the mountains (well, you know I love amazing places) and went straight on the slopes. When they closed, we went to the Bagni Vecchi, a super luxury spa in town (ops, I just noticed I didn’t mention the place, may I keep it a secret?) and then to dinner.

It was a relaxing day, even though my apple watch said I burnt something like 600 calories, but I am not that sure… maybe it counted km on the slopes as running? Could be. For today there’s a lot of study in program because tomorrow we are going to Trento! YESSS

Have A Safe Run!



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