For the Love of the RUN

I miss long runs at sunset, on a warm summer day. I miss the sun on my skin, burning, making me sweat.

I miss interval training on track with a bunch of true Londoners, desperately trying to figure out what the coach was saying. I miss that lap of Mile End stadium, so long but also so short.

I miss running in freezing weather, half covered in snow, while getting myself ready for something I still didn’t know what it was.

I miss giving my all at the Nike 10K in Milan, last year, when it was so damn hot I was passing out at the 8km.

I miss the excitment at the starting line of the London Royal Parks, when everything was to happen and I was wondering what I was thinking when I signed up for the race.

I miss the feeling of pristine joy when I crossed the finish line of every race, no matter the time, I was always ready for a sprint.

I miss running. Seriously. Waking up at seven am on a Sunday morning just because you have a long run scheduled. Going running 5 times a week, every week, doing endurance, interval, and considering 10k an easy pace. I miss the pleasure of running, even through the pain.

I miss my me time. I miss my runs.

That’s why I signed in for a race, YES, an actual race and there is nothing to do but training, at least to PB on my race time (I don’t care about my actual PB I know it’s low and I am not sure whether I can beat it, it’s the race time that matters, isn’t it?).

Probably we will be able to make a team at the race… Are you in? Contact me through contact for more info.

Have A Safe Journey!


Photo courtesy: either my English mum Susan or uncle Roberto @London Royal Parks 2015 – London Hyde Park  – 11th October 2015 


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