Have A Safe Run: 17

Somehow you organize to go skiing with a friend of yours and you end up being in your favourite ski resort (the nearest of your favourites) on the snowiest day ever. And then, when you are stucked in the snow from feet to waist, you understand you are a bloody skier.

This is what has happened to me yesterday, when Francesca and I headed to Colere full of hopes for a clear sky and ended up being the only two people on the slopes. It has been amazing, really. It was tough, really tough, my legs are still hurting because of the effort, but my smile is still shining thanks to the experience.

We are not racers (no longer) so we didn’t wake up at 6am to be the first early birds on the slopes. We left at 10am, we got changed in a bar at the start of the chair lift and when it was really raining we stopped in another chalet. The thing is, we had the entire resort all for us, no one was there, we didn’t even meet someone else on the slopes. You could not go as fast as we wished because of the terrible fog, but I hadn’t had that fun in ages.

This is what I like about ski racing: the group, the day, the experience, the memories you share, the problems you fix together. Falling down, getting back up with the help of your fellow, being stucked in powder, having a black slope only for you, as if you had reserved it. This is skiing. Ski racing is no longer part of my life, but skiing definitely is.

Have A Safe Skiing!



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