Have A Safe Run: 16

It’s Monday morning and for the first time in ages I really sleep well. No compression socks needed, my tiredness was enough. Maybe I should consider reading more often at bed time, it really makes me craving sleep, even though I dream of the story I was reading. Even though I know how interested you are about my sleep conditions, this first lines were written only to introduce how I skipped the perfect morning run. You know, I always go to school on Monday morning so I never have this occasion and for once I actually could go out and enjoy the sun, I kept on sleeping.

It’s the second run I miss in a row, the other time I was in pure back pain so I had a quite good excuse, but what about this time? So I go to the fruit market to grab a grapefruit juice (and some more grapefruits) and then I drive to my grandparents house for lunch. There is only one thing I can do if I want to get a run done before the sun sets: calling Maria.

Maria is fast, she runs regularly, she is fit, she is going the distance. Anytime, any day. I slow her down every time we run together, but she doesn’t get mad at me for that, instead she motivates me to run faster and further. We log 8 km less than one hour, which is pretty much good, considering I haven’t run an endurance since… last year.

I really missed running with someone.

Have A Safe Run!



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