Diary: 4

diary 4


So I checked my phone countless times, any of note I could have taken, but I really have no photos related to Monday and I cannot remember what I did. Sorry, this is the best I could do.


I did nothing special, just studied and hang out with some friends in town. I worked on my thesis (soon I’m gonna reveal the topic), I entered the ballot for Royal Parks Half (but I didn’t get in) and then I started reading Pride and Prejudice.


So on Wednesday I celebrated the end of the first semester with my fellow. We had a crazy apetiriv and then I shared a chocolate soufflé with my someone. Uh, and I even watched my favourite movie ever, Bend it like Beckham! I would watch it everyday if I could haha.


Thursday I actually celebrated again my admission to an University I really wanted to go. Well, now we only have to figure out whether I will go there or somewhere else, but I have two more months to choose, so I am not very worried.


Friday was the best day ever. I did everything I wanted to. I drove to school (alone with my beloved music), then I went to Bergamo, my someone and I had lunch at our favourite hotspot Sweet Irene (Via Sant’Orsola, Downtown Bergamo) and then he even offered me a tea with the written Joy is the essence of success. We had a long slow walk on the walls at sunset, he came to pick me up at Jessica’s and then I did some shopping before heading home. Perfect day.


The relatives from Naples came to visit and it was a crazy food party. Thanks God I’m still running and not rolling. This is carnival babes!


Studying studying and even more studying at my favourite place with friends and a cocktail, can life eventually get any better? I don’t think so. Furthermore, I am looking for a tattoo… Something related to travelling and wanderlust… Do you have some advice for me?

How was your week?

Have A Safe Journey!


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