Have A Safe Run: 14

Two weeks done! Maybe I should do a very little recap, what you think?

So let’s begin by saying I’m supersorry I only wrote a few lines yesterday, but I was in a hurry. I did a lot this past few weeks and I’m feeling better.

It is not the first time I start a training journey, this is the third (or even more if we count all the failed ones). Today I know it is not gonna be perfect, today I know I will have to accept falling down, in order to succeed. A candy won’t hurt, if you have run 1 hour. Of course, 10 candy is better not to. Two weeks are gone and 10 weeks to go, I feel okay, I am starting to regain my confidence I lost somewhere between December and January.

Yesterday I did HIIT as usual and some more stretching, but I was please to find out it was not as though as day 1. Okay, obviously I wasn’t doing anything relaxing, but I was doing something good for my body and good for my mind.

Balance. For the first time I feel like I found my balance and I am so happy about it. The journey to a fit, strong body will be very long, I am not gonna embark on more 1/2 marathon or marathon journeys until I do not feel strong enough to run them. I decided to run a 10K in April with my coach and a friend of her, my goal time has been written down, but whether I finish in it or not, I don’t mind. Running is a journey, not a destination…

Have A Safe Run!



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