Have A Safe Run: 12

There was honestly only a very innocent HIIT on my schedule. I knew I had to go running with my pal today so I didn’t want to overtrain (omg that word sounds so professional). Anyway, I had this in my mind, things turned out to be different.

As you have for sure noticed on my Instagram, something big happened yesterday (I know you hate me for not telling you everything but I literally cannot yet). So I did my interval and felt nice. Then, someone I do not particularly like, came in and started criticizing my body. I know I am not a VS Angel, okay? I’m totally fine with that (But I’m working to get there), but I do not accept someone telling me how I should look like and whether I put on weight or not.

I told them off and went outside running. I had to shake my nerves. Then I biked. Then I went to the swimming pool, just because I was very angry. I’m gonna take this as a challenge, next time this person walks in I’m gonna be unstoppable. Challenge on!

Have A Safe Run!



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