Love: PLL 6×14

*Disclaimer: I’ll do my best to keep this post spoiler free, but if for some reasons I will not be able to do that, don’t be mad at me: I highly recommend that you see the episode before reading the post, otherwise I won’t take any responsibility if I spoil you something.*

 This is the atmosphere. It’s weird because on a cloudy afternoon like today, I think there is nothing better than watching PLL while drinking a cup of soy hot chocolate. So, I let the episode charge while I get some hot chocolate and then I lay on the sofa and make it start. 42 minutes to make this Wednesday worth to be lived, it’s a challenge, isn’t it?

As usual there is mystery, the fact that you end the episode with more doubts than when you started, but it’s crazy how gripping it is. Pretty Little Liars is enchanting, fascinanting, gripping as hell: you literally cannot take off your eyes even for a second… Like the scene of Spencer and X in their car, or XXX’s XXX or… OMG how can I keep this post spoiler free when there is so much to spoil?

Please watch the episode, so we can talk about it together until next Wednesday.
Have A Safe Journey!

PLL 11


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