Have A Safe Run: 11

Do you remember when I actually said there was a run on the program yesterday? I was lying. Don’t get me wrong, the plan was actually going running, but then I figured out I had something more important to do: I had to support a dear friend.

When we were kids Xenia (fake name, I think she’d rather remain anonymous) and I were like sisters, best friends, always together. Her mother and my mother were friends as well, she lived right next door so basically she was always at my house or I was at hers or we were in the park.

Then, somehow, we lost contacts… I changed school, but we still hang out on Friday after the young adults group, or at parties and stuff like that. Then it was time to switch to high school and we completely start hanging out with different people. I knew she was okay, she knew I was okay. We never argued or something, we simply took different ways.

Last summer things changed a little. I organized my birthday party (last minute) and decided to invite her, as a memory of our old times together. I really wanted her to come. Due to a serious problem she was not able to come, we lost contacts again. She was in a difficult situation and I hadn’t been present as I wished in the previous years, so I preferred to let her some space and eventually find a reason to get back in contact. That never actually happened for six more months.

Yesterday my dad called and told me she was going to the spa so I abandoned everything I was doing (and I mean literally) and got to meet her. I saw her better, maybe not as she was, but better. I didn’t really know where to start talking, because I hadn’t been the friend she needed in the past few years, so I told her I found our secret diary. We started laughing. That was a starting point and I hope it will make some difference. We talked a bit more, but nothing serious. I invited her to come over for carnival’s parties and she accepted. We are meeting again this weekend and on Wednesday in the spa.

Maybe is a starting point. Maybe is a come back. My training was in the water, supporting someone I really cared about.

Have A Safe Run!



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