Have A Safe Run: 10

Wow 10 day reached, that’s pretty cool. Okay so, what I have been up to lately. Yesterday I did HIIT training, which was made easier due to the fact I didn’t have to do it today, because today is a running day (made sweeter by a cup of soy hot chocolate).

Anyway, training goes pretty much fine, now I need to raise the level up and also had some serious nutrition points, but that will go for next week, because this weekend is carnival and I am not going to give up all those amazing sweets.

Plans for this weekend? Well, I was thinking about getting either muddy or snowy, it depends on how I feel on Saturday after Jessica kicks my ass on Friday… N10K is getting closer and I entered some ballots for 21K and 42K… Maybe one day I will race the Race to the Stones, but trust me when I say that day is not today, nor even a close tomorrow.

But you know, a few hours ago I saw two runners on the street. It was raining pretty hard, so even though they were brave and she walked the last part of the hill (I passed them by car) they were brave runners. I miss being one of them, the one who doesn’t give a f**k about weather, if there’s a run on the program there’s a run.

Now it’s still raining, but there’s a run on the program…

Have A Safe Run!



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