Have A Safe Run: 9

I have a thing for push-ups… A thing called pure hate. I believe there’s no such move that I hate more than push-ups, it’s my litle dirty secret. Guess what? Every HIIT day includes so many bloody push-ups. I mean, scissor run? Sumo squat? Not great, but okay, I can do them. But I hate push-ups.

Somehow my averagely healthy lifestyle brought a lot of good things to my life, such as the bigger value I now give to rest, amazing moments with my compression socks and also some extra solo moments. But that is one side. The other side is a very tired me, who would rather kill someone than take the stairs and a lot of dark sides…

I like the fact of having a goal and of following a programme that I chose, with no one. But I know I am not a pro, so this week I’m gonna meet my coach once more to see whether I am going in the right direction or not.

Have A Safe Run!



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