Diary: 3


I am not really sure about what I did on Monday, because I don’t have any photo on my phone about it. I guess I worked out and wrote.


As I had lost my ski pass, I went with dad to Piani di Bobbio, which is a ski resort near Lecco, Lombardy. I drove half of the journey and well, that was an actual adventure. Only three words: Culmine San Pietro. Thanks God I am still alive. And I also had pizza for lunch, crazy!


Do you remember the ski pass I had lost and did 4 hours in the car to get a new one? I found it. OMG, incredibly unlucky. I studied for Spanish test (got 8/10), ate well (lemon chicken and zucchin for lunch, salmon and peas for dinner), saw Pretty Little Liars 6×13 and even went for a run. Wednesday was such a productive day!


All day spent doing the German project and then a quick HIIT before bed. Have you seen the new Nike elite racing collection? It camed out on Thursday and I wish I wasn’t such a pronator, because I love every Nike shoes, but I can only run with the Structure.


Spanish project and German project done. HIIT. Healthy enough. And I finally registered to pinterest, another way to get even busier on the internet, wise choice Camili.


Almost ended up in Bergamo (don’t ask). Had to work a little in the bar, then had dinner with my fellow Virginia in a local pizzeria. Girls’ night, super cool somedays.


Milan bound! Went to Milan with my classmates for the 900 Museum and the Hayez Exhibition… Very nice experience, particularly the museum, where you can find Fontana’s works of art and a lot of… unexpected pieces.

How was your week?

p.s. I wasn’t able to upload this yesterday because the day was already full haha.

Have A Safe Journey!

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