Editorial: February

Take a deep breath. Look back. New year’s eve seems so close but also so far. Now open your eyes, it’s February. Exciting things are ahead and I will go towards them with a new approach. My main goal of the month is to be more relaxed, to not worry too much about anything. I really need to work on that, this past month has been, how can I say, intense.

Then… A lot of things are going to change in the next two months (I would like to say more, but the situation is fragile at the moment and I cannot reveal any detail).

Another point I would like to consider is the fit-running-healthy part of my life. The idea of Have A Safe Run was to begin somewhere and to keep me on track. Week one went okay, two runs, 1 day of skiing, 4 HIIT and 1 day as a tourist with more than 8km walked. I guess it’s a good point to start. Week one is the basis, the starting line. Week 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be more about finding a balance, then finding my strength, then my fast and then myself. I will not worry much about the pace this time, there are 11 weeks ahead of me and I am already able to run 7k at a comfy pace. I will restart doing my beloved/hated long run on Saturday afteroon (I really cannot consider last Saturday’s an endurance). By the end of February I am going to PB on the 10k, trust me.

School side… Do you really wanna know about it? So let’s begin by saying I reached a few goals in the first semester, but the upcoming one is the hardest but luckily the last. I am gonna give my all and we will see whether I can make it with the mark I want. Oh maybe I can even reveal you the idea for my thesis… International Relations and Diplomacy of the Short Century (1914-1989).

What about you?
Have A Safe Journey!



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