Have A Safe Journey: 23

What happens after your tough run? Apparentely nothing, you just go on with your life, ignoring the pain you feel everywhere.

Have A Safe Run: 22

I don’t like running with people. I don’t like running with people much faster than me, particularly now that I am slower than ever.

Have A Safe Journey: 21

The Recap of my Week of Silence So it has been six days full of silence, except for Tuesday where there was a post already scheduled. I guess I owe you some explanation. I didn’t find any good occasion to train. I went running on Monday with Maria and then I was overwhelmed by school…

On the Road: 5 Travel Essentials

With winer in full swing I’ve been thinking about warmer weather to escape the cold.  Well, I’m not a light packer, therefore it wasn’t exactly as easy as expected to name only five, but here is it.

Sunday Talk: WIN!

I’m sorry international followers, this post will only be in Italian because the audience is limited to Italian speakers.

Have A Safe Run: 20

Running is always beautiful. But running in the mountains is great because Mountains are Freedom.

Snapshot Diary: 12/02

Alarm clock rang later than usual (7:10 instead of 6:43) it means only one thing: we are going to Trento!

Have A Safe Run: 19

Can we consider driving around like a crazy pilot a workout? Because otherwise I am not sure I have worked out yesterday. My lazyness is coming again, maybe due to the fact I am busy again with school. Not like busy busy, but philosophy busy. It’s hard to explain, but I kinda love philosophy when…

Friday Favourites: 11

Oh another week is over, have you noticed how constant I am with publishing at least once a day? Well, I did… Maybe it’s the start of something new (High School Musical influence is still in me).

Have A Safe Run: 18

There is something between magical and mystical in the moments right before a workout. Somehow you feel horribly tired, somehow you know you are going to end up stronger than ever. This is what you have in your mind, most of the times you end up more tired than before, as a nice gift for your…