Sunday Talk: Margot vs. Lily

better for it production

This is how my favourite brand in the world, aka Nike, launched their newest project: a new year resolution based on a challenge between two sisters.

Every VIP Nike Member (like me, for instance)(with VIP I mean every person subscribed to their newsletter) got the chance to see it before the official launch and trust me, it is really great. If you hadn’t watch it yet, don’t worry it will get viral by noon on Monday.

It’s a nice show, I mean, not too long (8 minutes is the perfect timing) and also the accent of the authors is not so strong, so non-native speakers can follow it without any problem. Margot and Lily are both funny, because Lily is charming and fit, while Margot is lazy, maybe not so well dressed, but with a lot of friends. I am not sure which side I’m going to take, but I’ll inform you about…

The things I like most about Nike are projects like this, completely out of strictly lucrative circles, but outstanding. Once more Nike showed us how amazing they are and they can be.

Can’t wait for next episode!
Have A Safe Journey!



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