Have A Safe Run: 7

Thanks god the week is over. Technically I’ll have one more short run to go, but I guess that will be the theme of tomorrow’s post. Today I’d like to tell you more about a run…

I lace my shoes and go out. There’s a crispy breeze and the sun isn’t fully shining. I haven’t been out for ages. Running on the treadmill isn’t as good as running, but I guess I have to get used to that. I start my iWatch and the music and I start running. I didn’t go fast, I wanted to run far and to run as regularly as possible. There are 7k on the program but I accept anything. Today it’s just about running.

My paces aren’t good. Somewhere inside me there’s still the Camilla who ran a half marathon, but I’m not quite sure where she is. I guess I’ll have to figure it out. Maybe one day I’ll find that part of myself again. Today is not that day. But I keep going, my lungs keep breathing, my heart keeps breathing, my legs keep running.

I return home without even noticing it. My 7k are done, my pace is good, I’m happy I have to say it. And maybe next time I’ll be even happier. But I’m back at running, even if it was not easy it was really worth it (and I got a glass of Prosecco to cheer myself).

Tomorrow (for you today) I’ll be in Milan all day long… It will be fun to figure out when I should do a workout… Hahaha you’ll get to know very soon.

Have A Safe Run!



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