The List: Why I Need a New PC ASAP

If I had to be really but really honest (which is not something I want to do because my dad reads my blog) I had a little lust of changing computer, but changing means using the old one at home as a hard disc for everything I had no lust to transfer on the new one and get a new one only for me small enough to carry it around wherever I go.

Things didn’t turn out to be as planned, so my old computer still lies on my desk and you can use it to write, but you cannot surf in the Internet. Well, it could be a good excuse to write more my novel and to waste less time, but hey I need to blog sometimes. Anyway, #haveasafejourneydad lent me his computer, which is actually very professional (it’s crazy how faster it is) but also heavier, bigger, more masculine (my computer was silver with the pink menu, his is a total black). Anyway, I guess I’m gonna be using this bad boy for a while now…

But that doesn’t prevent me from writing the list of the week, so the list I will bring with myself the day I’ll figure out which PC I am really looking for.

  1. A PC is personal

There isn’t much to say about it… if you saw all the bloody things I downloaded on my PC (like 2 years of pure madness) you would understand why I don’t like this idea of mine-not-so-mine computer (hey, if you are thinking this post is boring, guess what? The other option was a talk about how to overcome a crisis lol).

2. A PC must be in my bag (even if I’m carrying a pochette!)

Well, that might be a little exaggerate, but I really live with a PC in my hand, it’s like a second part of it lol. This means I have to get one that works fine and, even if it wouldn’t be as professional as dad’s, tha I can carry everywhere, and I mean everywhere: car, school bag, gym bag, hand bag, wherever I go I need it.

3. I am studying a lot… I deserve it

This excuse is so bad, I am ashamed to share it. The thing is I have worked so hard in the past few months, I really need to get myself a gift… And maybe a PC could be a good resolution, wouldn’t it?

Basically I could tell you countless more reasons and I don’t think you will read until the end… I reckon I won’t buy a new computer until I find the right model that fits all my needs (less than 11 *sorry I don’t remember what unity they use for screen measure*, small and light, but I mean really light, a brand that I like – Asus, Apple, Sony… Sorry Acer, I don’t like you) and that looks beautiful as well (and by beautiful I mean gold lol).

Do you have any advice in the subject?

Have A Safe Journey!


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