Have A Safe Run: 5

It has to happen, before or later, we all know that. That day when you are busy and you would only like to get your stuff done.So you stay at your desk, working at the computer (and working quickly because the deadline for your project is Saturday) until 9 pm. Then somehow you managed to get ready to squeeze a Way of Gray workout, it’s only 28 minutes you think, but then you remember it’s 28 minutes of hell. At first I can really feel stronger than day one, and that’s strange because it was only the third time I did HIIT, then of course I got tired and sweaty as usual. Anyway, it was a great way to end a busy day.

The thing that really came to my mind, a few hours earlier, is the decreasing time spent on my social accounts. If you have an iPhone in the battery info you get to see how much time you spent on every up in the last 7 days. Surprisingly it was 2,5 hours on Instagram and 1,5 hours on Facebook. There have been weeks when it was more than one hour per day each so I am pretty excited about the result.

At day 5 it’s actually very early to see changes, you know what they say: it takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, 8 weeks for your closest friends and relatives and 12 weeks for the rest of the world… Keep going! But I feel the difference: I still wear the same jeans and nothing changed externally, but my mind is focused, at least on training.

When I’m focused on something I can bring that focus to everything I am doing, so I am more focused on school and on the blog (OMG have you seen that I’ve published the entire week? This is so amazing!).

Step by step. As mentioned before, I do not strive for perfection but for progress.

Question: (this is really important, you might get featured in one of the next articles) is anyone passionate/informed/interested in tai chi? My German teacher last week told us about bottled still water, which is considered dead water according to tai chi principle. I am investigating in this field…

Have A Safe Run!


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