Friday Favourites: 8

Omg, guess which section has just been dug up: the Friday Favourites! It’s already the 8th time you see this, even though the first one had been out last August. Anyway, here we are once more with my favourites of the week.

Favourite Team: Evolution PresolanaIMG_3743

I guess I do not have much more to say, after the article I published two days ago I said it all… But you know, seeing the kiddos improving and getting what they want is always inspiring… I’ll just consider it further and deeper research for my novel, we will see what happens…

Favourite Weather: Snow in NYCIMG_3831

Next time I want to do a reconciliation with skiing, I’ll go to NYC. Really, they have more snow than we do, how is that bloody possible? Skis on shoulders (very bad translation of what we Italians would say) and tickets in my hand! Btw, do you guys want to organize a ski trip together? Comment the field below.

Favourite Feeling: Workout Complete!IMG_3835

I love when I see it, maybe because WoG is so hard! But you know what they say, the harder the better.

Favourite PLL scene (spoiler free): Caleb’s Cute FaceIMG_3879

It doesn’t make sense, but I really think he looks like a cute innocent kiddo in this pic! Hahah and then you will see (or have already seen) what happens (no spoilers as promised). OMG I cannot stop looking at this pic it makes me laugh so bad!

Favourite Song: Fire Meet GasolineIMG_3857

I reckon this song is fairly old but I was listening to it by chance yesterday under the shower and I thought it was really inspiring, then you judge… Any song to advise btw?

How was your week? Tell me you favourites!

Have A Safe Journey!


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