Have A Safe Run: 4

Oh dear, it’s 11:30 in the morning and I haven’t even started to write this post. So, yesterday I did the first run. It was a strange feeling, It wasn’t my first run ever, I mean, running didn’t scare me. Okay, maybe a little. It had been ages since the last time I ran. During the Christmas holidays, running two half marathons for no reason was fine, yesterday 3,5km was pretty tough.

I tried to feel comfortable. I ran at tempo pace, 2km warm up and then a km a bit harder. I was on the treadmill – read my comfort zone – I had a bottle of water,my runner t-shirt and my favourite shorts. I made my best to create the best conditions. Today, after stretching, a good night of sleep (keep reading I have something to say about it) and tons of water, I decided to see only the bright side: I know I am not as fit as I was last October, but I’m working to be even better. This time I’m not gonna exaggerate with running, running is as important as strengthening body, mind and soul. This time I had more actual time. My previos races have always been booked by chance: I liked the t-shirt at the Nike Milan 10K so I booked the bib, then I wanted to go to London and Terramia sold bibs for a great half marathon with a stunning race course so I bought it straight after. It could have been in 2 months, 2 days or 2 hours: I was trained enough to be instinctive and follow my mood of the moment.

Today, almost a year since I started running seriously, I am not as trained as I expected it to be. I should be faster, I should run more often and further. That’s life, I’m okay with it.

It’s called experience. Experience that tells you not to give up even though you really want to. Experience not to lose focuse even when there is no goal. I’m not as experienced as many runners I know, but I’m more experienced than I was yesterday.

Talking about experience… I have a little secret to reveal (please note: this has nothing to do with medical advice, it is something that works for me, I cannot guarantee that it will work for you). I have an absoute love for compression socks, they are the meaning of life to me (just kidding). Anyway, I know most of the runners use it while training, I cannot but after training I find them great. Particularly when I’m very stressed or I know I need a long night of sleep I’d rather wear them to bed. Yes, you got it right: I sleep with compression socks (the Nike ones to be specific, which cover also the foot). I don’t know whether this is a placebo or if it could really help, but the morning after I feel better, I do not have any pain in my legs, my whole body feels reborn.

Of course this is something that happens to me, if you try or already do it as well, please let me know, I’m so curious about it.

Day 4 was nice I guess… Now ready for day 5, HIIT and a lot of studying to do! How was your day?

P.S. Frenci, I almost missed the post due to our long talk about these past few months! But I’m glad you liked the first draft of my third novel 🙂 See you soon!

Have A Safe Run!



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