My iPhone battery lasts longer when I use it less © It means I am enjoying life more than ever © Training makes me feel better © Love the Lifestyle © Starting to prepare the exam Dele C1 © A little trip with dad © Driving © The moment my grandpa gave me my very own pair of car keys © My grandparents are old but healthy © Sushi © Pride and Prejudice © A new pair of bed sheets (I will post a pic soon because they’re very cool) © A new credit card with my name on it © Tea at night © Cappuccino with the written Have A Good Day C! made by my fav barman © Writing © Blogging © The upcoming race © Running without worries © Caring more about people © Understanding who really is your friend and who is only friend of what you offer © Talking instead of fighting © Dad’s computer is better than no computer © Mum’s blanket around my shoulders © Century Gothic character on Word, I love Century Gothic more than ever, currently this is the only one that makes me feel inspired © Love Your Goodbye by One Direction © Jessica Jones’ new episodes on Netflix © Spotify sports week © Adele 25 – When we were young © Berlin’s Starbucks mug © Jessica who drives me to school every morning and with home I share the worst moments of the day queuing between Ponte Selva and Gazzaniga © 9 in Spanish on the semenster paper © Having someone who supports me, no matter what © Feeling in a family, feeling part of a real, strong, maybe peculiar but capable of greatness family ©

What are your reasons to be grateful today?

Have A Safe Journey!



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