Have A Safe Run: 2

Another day, another challenge. I woke up a little tired, with sore calves due to yesterday madness, but I had a long day ahead, so I collected my last energies and went straight to breakfast. Yogurt with muesli, a spoon of honey and a hot expresso… that’s my recipe to feel better. I went to school (even more tiring) and then straight home to the biggest catastrophe: my beloved asus is slowly dying. It keeps on blocking and then switching off, I cannot connect it to the wifi (somehow it work on any device but my asus). It’s terrible. Also because I changed so many asus over the past two year and I really cannot change another one.

My dad kindly lend me his own, but you know, it’s not the same. I have a love and hate relationship with everything, but I absolutely love my computer, it’s the thing I always bring with me, wherever I travel, no matter if I have to stay away one day or twenty, whether I have a bag I have my asus inside. So I copied with a USB drive (OMG I didn’t even remember they actually existed!) some files I needed and a couple of pics to upload on the blog, then I downloaded WayOfGray Ebooks, collected all my angriness and put it in my workout, which turned out to be great and now I feel empowered (maybe tomorrow it will not be like this lol). Anyway, what I really wanted to say about today is that even in the worst moments ever you can find a positive side. I didn’t have a good day, I was tired and angry, and my lack of sleep made me even angrier, then my dad was angry as well so a fight was necessary. The thing is sometimes days like this make us stronger, make us remember you can make it through anything, as long as you keep believing in yourself and in who you want to be. Today’s effort will be tomorrow’s strength.

How was your day? Are you in for a 90 days plan?

Have A Safe Run!



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