Have A Safe Run: 1

This is a journey… running is a journey, not a destination… Have A Safe Run!

If you asked me when was the last time I went running, I would not be so sure about it. Between 10 and 15 days ago, maybe even longer. My struggling to keep going has had its highs and its lows since October, but with the new year there was no resolution for me. And I really need to be my own resolution.

I miss being the kind of person that answers yesterday to this question. I miss the feeling you have after a good run. I miss running. Maybe this will be a good excuse to publish every day, at least once. It will be pretty strange both for you and for me to get so intimate in my running life.

I understood it was time for me to get back to what I love, to what makes me feel great: running. I have always said it’s when I’m running that I feel the most of myself. Running is my passion, my life mate, the only one activity that makes me understand more of myself every time I lace up my running shoes. I’m tired of excuses, of not feeling energized and powerful when I look at myself in the mirror. I run a half marathon, damn!

There has to be, maybe only a little bit, of that Camilla, the one who 100 and something days ago was at the starting line of the London Royal Parks. My motivation has lacked ever since.

But now things will change. When I took the first decision to lead a healthy lifestyle, almost a year ago, I was looking for quick fixes. I wanted to see the results and to see them soon. I used to weigh myself every single morning, to learn how to count calories and so on. For what? This has not helped me, not even a little. That’s why this year it will be different. I will start slow, I will take my time, with a program designed on my needs, what I really want to achieve and how long I am willing to keep going.

Day one (yesterday) kicked off with a full day skiing with my once upon a time team, the amazing guys from Evolution Presolana, who welcomed me without any problems nor prejudice, even though I had not been skiing since last April, but that’s another story.

Tomorrow (read today) there’s a HIIT training on the schedule and a lot of fun. How’s your plan? Will you start working towards your goals today?

Have A Safe Run!



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