LOVE: Pretty Little Liars 6×11

When I finished watching PLL last December, it seemed it would take ages to see the 6×11… (I watched 6 seasons in less than 2 months, so you understand I hate waiting for a new episode). Anyway, when I checked my Netflix yesterday they finally uploaded the 6×11 and I finally was free enough to watch it. So let me start… watching my favourite liars ever 5 years forward was pretty much crazy, honestly, but I really liked the first episode, except for the end.

*Please note: from this sentence on, everything in this post is a SPOILER*

Okay so Charles/Charlotte/Cece/A was out of prison thanks to the 5 musketeers and got killed. Who did this? I was left breathless when the end gingle came, couldn’t believe I have to wait so much to see the nexr episode.

I really like the older girls, particularly Hanna’s job and Spencer’s look. Aria is great and I was so glad when she met Ezra again. Emily… well I guess she takes drugs now and I suppose she never actually finished college, but you know, fail means first attempt in learning. What’s more? Spencer in politics? Great. Because she’s my favourite and I hope to do career in politics as well.

Last but not least, I guess even Allison became a slightly better person, even though she still hiding something…

What did you guys think of PLL 6×11? Do you know when they will release 6×12?

Have A Safe Journey!

PLL 11


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