January: New Year New Problems

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of going to university abroad. She believed she just would have to send her name and surname, her school marks and everything would be alright. Today that no longer so little woman understood the perks of sendind your application abroad.

You all remember I made you a promise to publish at least daily this year (which would mean more than 365 post – freaking amazing) and now it’s the 13th of January (for you 14th) and I didn’t publish for 6 days. Guess who still has time managing problems? This girl!

Beginning from the actual fact I had way too much things to do these days, I wasted so much time. Like today, for instance, I worked on my UCAS application till 4pm, then decided it was time to start studying, but I did a little walk because it was sunny and very nice weather, then I had to speak with my teacher for the references, then I worked on my book and then finally I went in the kitchen to write this post. I’m in the kitchen because I don’t know why/how/what*the*hell but my wifi currently works only here… That’s my hotspot for now lol…

Okay, so studying was not a priority for me, at least today I could make it without studying, but the thing is I wasted time. I keep on wasting time. And it’s amazing how much time I can waste by the end of the day. And I didn’t even run! What the hell is wrong with me?

Remember what I said: new year’s resolution? Did not happen by now. Well, I decided I will start my new year from the 23rd of January, when the first semester will be over, I’ll have done to send applications abroad, the results will be out in a couple of days and I’ll be able to focus on the blog, on myself and on the CAE exam. Yes, because among all those things I have to do there is the CAE… Well done, Camili, such a wise choice!

Okay, I’m done moaning at least for now, maybe tomorrow I can moan a little bit more, can I? Hahah just kidding, today was fair enough. I guess I still have to learn how to manage my time, buying an actual agenda would do wonders for me, at least a to do list.

How do you make time for your priorities? Where should I cut off?

Have A Super Safe Journey!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marquessa says:

    A little late to the party but I’m catching up on some of your posts. It’s never too late to restart…every day is a new day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Camilla says:

      Hahahah definitely!


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