Diary: 2


Let’s begin by saying that was not the best way to start the week. Got up late and was not able to do what I planned to do, but then I found an old diary of my mother. It was emotionally tough, but finally I got some answers I really needed.


Well, I didn’t do much on Tuesday. I mostly studied, then did an aperitif with my coach and we talked about the ski season. Did I mention I haven’t skied yet?


That was actually the worst day of the week. Long day studying and even longer fight with someone. Cherry on the cake? Last day of holidays.


Alarm clock at 5am, review before the test and then straight to school. Home, talked with dad, met Virgy from TeamToAVirgy and planned a ski trip to Bormio as soon as possible.


Another day of studying, however, more relaxed, as all the review material was ready and I had already studied a little. Drove to Mount Pora, did a little skiing and then home, almost exhausted.


My first time driving to schoo, life is beautiful. Baked with my grandma in the afternoon (recipe on today at 5pm) and so book work. I also started a short story set in Berlin, maybe I’ll share something later this week.


Couldn’t go skiin (unluckily)but the weather was horrible, so wise choice. Long morning, trying to figure out a way to solve Wednesday’s conflict, healthy lunch and a lot of netflix, short run, long bike ride and even longer talk after dinner.

I guess my week wasn’t nothing special, but it’s a busy period for me so… How was your week?


Have A Safe Journey!


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