RUN BABY RUN: Simply Run

During the holidays, I had the pleasure to meet and work (literally work as a waiter) with an amazing runner, whose PB on the 10k is under 31′. So, imagine me washing and drying glasses while talking with a real runner. Because hey, I might run as much as I want, but my PB on the 10k is still 57’18”. He asked me what kind of runner I am, whether a sprinter or a distance runner…

I am a runner, somehow… I’m the one who goes out without the Garmin and doesn’t even notice, or if I have it, I forget to make it start. I’m the one who goes running 3 days streak, then 5 days off, then months off. I am not a distance runner, nor a sprinter. I simply enjoy running. I simply run. Sometimes slow, sometimes (relatively) fast, sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes I stay in bed. The thing is I run because I feel great when I run and I hate the stress of competitions and so on, I just want to run. and have fun!

What kind of runner are you?

Have A Safe Journey!



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