BOOK: Cover Desperation

So a few hours ago (for you yesterday), after baking with my granny (recipe soon) I went back home and for some reasons dad was free and willing to help with the book (are you responsible for this? Because, even though I dedicated it to him, he has never even read the prologue). Anyway, I had to use this exceptional occasion, so I showed him amazon kindle. That’s why I am now asking you…ย do you know how to use it?

Copertina Libro giusta

So I uploaded the manuscript and the JPEG of the cover (the one you see here above) and then I tried using the preorder option ย (I have a specific release date in my mind so I would prefer that) but it didn’t work.

BTW I am desperate about the cover thing because I know a graphic should do the dirty job, but that’s not an option at the moment… opinion and critics, tell me everything!

Have A Safe Journey!


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