Snapshot Diary: 31/12-01/01

 Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

This snapshot looks a lot like a throwback as it’s already the 5th, but I didn’t do much these days and a snapshot should include something nice.

Last morning of 2015 was spent doing this collage (Lauri knows how proud of my collages I am) and reliving the amazing moments of the year.


OMG on NYE it was freaking cold. And my dress was even colder. That’s why I looked like a homeless.

 My friend came right for dinner and that was awesome. 

I included some pics of the dinner just to make sure next year you’ll be there as well.

After some celebration we remained at the fireplace and talked until late… Priceless!

More food on the brunch a few hours after…

And finally some book time… Stay tuned, Amazon is close 🙌🏼❤️

That’s why we celebrate! 


How was your day?

Have A Safe Journey!



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