Diary: 1


Got a letter from UBC early in the morning, then went for a very long drive with my instructor and finally passed the exam and got my bloody driving licence before the end of the year. That was so amazing and I’m happier any time I drive.


At midnight we celebrated Federica’s 18th birthday and then the day after I went to Bergamo with my car for the first time! Such an experience, isn’t it? Pizza was for dinner then.


Got back to healthy eating after the holidays because I really had enough. Worked 7 hours and finally relaxed in my fav place with a cocktail named in my honour (my barista is better than your lol). With some colleagues we also planned to do the ultimate Europe trip (one day)… 88hours in the car one way lol.


Last day of the year. A blogpost written in the morning, a thank you on the Instagram and a workout. That was it, then party hard until 3pm.


Why there is so much food on the first day of the year? Anyway, brunch with the family and babysitting in the afternoon.


Healthy eating, checking the final draft of my book and dinner with 4 different kinds of wine. Nice people.


Homework, work,besties. Nothing more needed ๐Ÿ™‚   

Who was your week?

Have A Safe Journey!




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