2016: #30 Goals for 2016

I kind of wrote down a few more goals for 2016. It turned out to be 30 so here you go:

  • To worry less, to have more fun.
  • To spend less money on things I don’t need, to spend more money on travels and books.
  • To be more cheerful, to never back down and to never give up.
  • To run for fun, to run because I can.
  • To talk less, to do more.
  • To write more often on my blog and to reach 500 posts on haveasafejourney.com by the end of the year.
  • To have more parties on Saturday and less evenings me and my computer on the sofa.
  • To work out as often as I can.
  • To go skiing as much as I can.
  • To learn a new language, at least a few words.
  • To spend more time with people I love, and less time with people that I don’t.
  • To follow the advice of a very wise woman I had the pleasure to meet and make her proud.
  • To be myself, as I am, with no meaning to copy anyone or to change myself for someone.
  • To be kinder, more willing to help and less selfish.
  • To set goals and to reach them.
  • To trust people.
  • To trust myself and my capacity.
  • To wander more, to have a less planned life.
  • But to waste less time and enjoy life more than my Instagram feed.
  • To get an agenda where I can put on everything so that I don’t forget what I have to do.
  • To go to live alone (hopefully abroad).
  • To get an actual job where I can use languages.
  • To get at least one sponsored post per month on the blog.
  • To feel safe both with people and on my own.
  • To be interested at school and study for my own pleasure, not for a mark.
  • To manage time more wisely and to invest time in things I believe in.
  • To visit Laura in Zurich, my friends in London and to go with the flow about relationships with people.
  • To go to Vancouver, Lisbon and Oslo. (and maybe also Tallin).
  • Not to disappear and not to close in myself when I have a problem.
  • To fight for my beliefs.

This are my goals, what are yours?

Have A Safe Journey!



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