Sunday Talk: The 3 Biggest Lies of the Holidays

A few hours ago I started thinking about every lie I told myself during holidays. It turned out to be a quite long list.

  1. That’s the last cheat meal. Next time I’m gonna eat super healthy.

This is the biggest lie I kept telling myself from the 23rd of December until today. Why do all deserts come out all of a sudden at Christmastime?

  1. This is the last time I spend money on coffee & cocktails

Same thing for coffee and cocktails, omg I literally lost the count of how many strawberry vodka lemons I drank

  1. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym/running

Last time I hit the gym was December 25th. However, I walk 8km per day lol.

Okay so this were my biggest lies, what are yours?
Have A Safe Journey!



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