The 2016 Project

We’re doing this again because (except for the marathon which is an open challenge) I finished any goal on this list. January is the best time to begin everything, so why don’t we start now?

  • To Do Interval Training Every Damn Week

So, I have been thinking about this for a very long while. I like interval training, I can see progress easily and it is something I particularly like so I’m gonna get back to where I began last February 16th, to HIIT. There are 4 sessions per week, with three days of rest that I can (sometimes) use for running. Monday the 4th I’m gonna start.

  • To Run (and Walk) More than 2000km

The goal for 2015 was 1000km and I did 1503km, so why not setting an even higher goal? That would work super cool, particularly if I can make it like I did last year. Already 8/2000km are done by the way.

  • To Run a Marathon

I guess you could imagine that, I mentioned it countless times… running a marathon is still my biggest dream and I will do it someday. Maybe this year, maybe in 10 years’ time, I don’t know. But this deserves a third place in my list.

  • To PB on the Half Marathon (sub 2’)

London Half last October was practice, it was an excuse to go to London, now the clock matters. It is time to run faster, further, better. Love, live, run.

  • To PB on a 10k Race (sub ’50)

This will hopefully take place during the Nike 10k either in Milan, London or Amsterdam. Let’s rock!

  • To lose 20 pounds

This is just a personal reminder, please ignore it lol. Or wait for a recap, maybe I will tell you more…

  • To Travel at Least Once a Month

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a trip a month keeps relationships smooth.

What are your goals for 2016? Are you ready to start working towards to them?

Have A Safe Journey!



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