Friday Favourites (on Saturday): 9

Favourite Food: NYE Dessert9.1

This was a delicious hot chocolate souffle with orange sauce and fruit, pure love. I had such an amazing time on NYE and the 1st day of the year, but I’ll reveal everything tomorrow at 12:00.

Favourite Cocktail: Camilla’s Cocktail9.2

My trusted barman invented this for me a couple of days ago and I really couldn’t ask for a better one. There are even two versions, one for when I drive and one for real cocktailing.

Favourite Moment: Reaching 1503 on Nike Plus9.5

That might not sound a huge goal for some, but it is for me and I was so pleased to finally reach it.

Favourite Part of NYE: Spending Quality Time with People I Love9.4

After midnight, some dances and a few glasses of wine, my friend and I went outside near the fireplace with a Strawberry Vodka Lemon and spent the night talking, laughing, having fun.

Favourite Instagramming Thing of 2015: Saying Goodbye to it


That was honestly the best occasion to say thank you to the best people I met in 2015 plus living once more all the emotions of those amazing moments.

Have A Safe Journey!


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