The 2015 Project: Last Recap

Happy new year again everyone! If you missed my January editorial with the new goals of the year be sure to check it out here or, if you feel nostalgic and you want to say some last words to 2015, here‘s the place.

Well, it’s time to take a look back and do a quick evaluation of the year.

To Run a Marathon

At the end, I didn’t make it towards this goal. I run a half marathon and, my longest run done by now, 31 km. However, no marathon finished in 2015. Not reached.

To Get the Driving License by the End of the Year

Made it! On the 28th I finally got it and began living my adultlhood… ANd I’ve already hit my dad’s car (I’m so bloody sorry dad if you are reading this).

To Change Myself

I did it. Maybe not as much as I wanted to, but I did it, or better, I started doing it. My way is still long, but I’m sure 2016 will help me through this.

To Apply to UNI all over the World

For now I did Vancouver, the UK will be sent by the end of the holidays and probably Sidney, Singapore, Shangai will be added to the list. Still not sure about where I will go, but at least I don’t close up every opportunity before seeing it.

To Run More than 1000km in one Year

I did it! Goal reached by 150%, infact unofficial count already reached 1503 km and should be a little more as yesterday night I did a quick run. So glad about this, even though now it is time to set an even higher goal.

Well I guess I’m pretty much proud of my year. There have been ups and downs, but I’m here smiling when it comes about it so it was good.

How was your year? Are you ready to take on 2016?

Have A Safe Journey!



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