Have A Safe Run: 7

Thanks god the week is over. Technically I’ll have one more short run to go, but I guess that will be the theme of tomorrow’s post. Today I’d like to tell you more about a run…

Have A Safe Run: 6

Oh my goodness… I’m done with HIIT training for the week (okay, I have my first endurance run – which shouldn’t even be called endurance because it is less than 10k – and a recovery easy peasy lemon squeezy run on Sunday. But who cares about them, HIIT is done! Yes, there is very little satisfaction if you notice…

The List: Why I Need a New PC ASAP

If I had to be really but really honest (which is not something I want to do because my dad reads my blog) I had a little lust of changing computer, but changing means using the old one at home as a hard disc for everything I had no lust to transfer on the new…

Have A Safe Run: 5

It has to happen, before or later, we all know that. That day when you are busy and you would only like to get your stuff done.

Friday Favourites: 8

Omg, guess which section has just been dug up: the Friday Favourites! It’s already the 8th time you see this, even though the first one had been out last August. Anyway, here we are once more with my favourites of the week.

Have A Safe Run: 4

Oh dear, it’s 11:30 in the morning and I haven’t even started to write this post. So, yesterday I did the first run. It was a strange feeling, It wasn’t my first run ever, I mean, running didn’t scare me. Okay, maybe a little. It had been ages since the last time I ran. During…


My iPhone battery lasts longer when I use it less © It means I am enjoying life more than ever © Training makes me feel better © Love the Lifestyle © Starting to prepare the exam Dele C1 © A little trip with dad © Driving © The moment my grandpa gave me my very…

Have A Safe Run: 3

As I am writing to you, this day hasn’t even come. I promised myself I would write them punctually, but I guess this is too early.

Love: The 100

I always come late when it comes to a review about something. I wanted to review Garance Dore’s book but I haven’t finished it yet, so I guess I have no choice but to write about something I actually have seen/watched/read, like the 100.

Have A Safe Run: 2

Another day, another challenge. I woke up a little tired, with sore calves due to yesterday madness, but I had a long day ahead, so I collected my last energies and went straight to breakfast.

Let’s Talk About: My Reconciliation with Skiing

Two years ago, on a sunny day of April, I swore I would never ski race again. I had had the worst ski season of my life, full of worries and tears. I had had enough. No more gates, no more bibs, no more races. That was it, I had made my decision. I couldn’t…