RUN BABY RUN: Miles for Brunch

Yesterday morning, at 7 am, I was really looking forward to go on a run. Honestly, I was looking forward to do this the night before, at the actual time I was sleeping. No miles for breakfast, or at least not yesterday.

But I really needed to go for a run, in order to start the holiday. I laid in bed until 11 am, when my cousin sent me a screen of her workout. It something she does to make me happy, to tell me she’s really trying to run regularly and to show me one day we’ll run together. 7,5km, I was damn proud. Somehow I found enough motivation to run. And to run pretty hard. I told myself, 10k, let’s see how it goes. But after 10 I was feeling good, so I kept running. For 13 more km. That was really unexpected, but very nice.

Miles for brunch, not bad I guess. I hope to workout once a day during these holidays, so I don’t have to worry much about what I eat or don’t eat. I’ll keep you updated about this.

miles for brunch

How was your first day of holidays?

Have A Safe Journey!


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