December: Christmas & HASJ News

The alarm clock rings. It’s the 24th of December. Christmas is in 1 freaking day. So why didn’t I buy all the presents I had to? Okay, I did some pretty good stuff this year in Berlin, but I literally need to fix at least 3 more people. And I argued with one of them so I don’t know how I will fix it.While I’m writing to you, I’m heading to the gym, to burn some calories, and in a couple of hours I’m gonna be at the spa. By the way, did I mention the fact I should have gone present shopping yesterday instead of becoming a ginger h(ead)air person? You love me for that.

ginger head

I need some inexpensive but without cheap-looking presents, classical, always stunning. Any advice? Also, I should go running to finish 1500km (more or less 100km to go, I guess I’m not gonna make it even though I’ll do my best during holidays). And I should also do some bloody blogging, but I’m still out of inspiration (what the hell, Camili?). Further more, I am eating crap and this is crazy because Christmas hasn’t even started yet. You know, panic & freak out.

Last but not least, I’m looking for a photographer available for a photo shoot and someone interested in a collaboration. If this is your case, please fill in the contact form you find in the Contact Page. Many thanks!

Have A Safe Journey!


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